Behavior Analysis

At Enhanced Living Centers we believe everyone deserves opportunities to learn and grow using the newest research based approaches specifically designed for each individual. Your family member will receive one-on-one care and support from highly qualified team dedicated to helping your family reach their unique goals.

At ELC we will work with your family to assess your members specific needs and as a team develop individualized learning plans to help your family member learn fundamental skills, increase communication and socialization, develop their personal interests, become more independent, increase flexibility and support your family to engage in life with joy and confidence.

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Scientific Approach

Applied behavior analysis is a scientific approach to understanding behavior. ABA refers to a set of principles that focus on how behaviors change or are affected by the environment and how learning takes place. The term behavior refers to skills and actions needed to talk, play, and live.

Our Goal

We are on a mission to educate and support you and your family while you are on this journey. We help teach you about the various aspects of Behavior and how you can use the principles to assist you in the development process. Our integrated services and unique approach give you stable long-term benefits.