Consulting and Support Services

ELC enjoys collaborating with other professionals who encounter challenging behaviors in schools, centers, hospitals, and a variety of organizations. 

Through expertise in behavior management, we can provide a different perspective approach to reach the desired outcome for client performance, staff management, and many other challenging behaviors. Together we can enhance the lives of the families we serve!

Child psychologist is talking to a little boy

Enhanced Behavior Workshops

ELC provides workshops to professionals in centers, schools, hospitals, and other businesses. When staff acquires the knowledge and skills to understand how behavior works, they can better understand their clients/students and help guide them to meet their needs most efficiently.

We will work with you to create an individualized learning plan that focuses on the needs of your team and help the individuals in your care reach their most independent and happy selves.

Some workshops currently available include:

  • Principles of Behavior

  • De-escalation

  • Functional Communication

  • Skill-based Treatment

  • Behavior Analysis

  • School based interventions and teacher support